verb (drops, dropping, dropped)
1》 fall or cause to fall vertically.
    ↘deliver by parachute.
    ↘sink to or towards the ground.
    ↘informal collapse from exhaustion.
2》 make or become lower, weaker, or less.
    ↘lose (a point, a match, etc.).
3》 abandon or discontinue: the charges against him were dropped.
    ↘discard or exclude.
4》 set down or unload (a passenger or goods).
    ↘place without ceremony: drop the form in the post.
5》 mention in passing, especially in order to impress.
6》 [usu. as adjective dropped] Rugby score by a drop kick.
7》 informal take (a drug) orally.
8》 Bridge be forced to play (a relatively high card) as a loser.
9》 (of an animal) give birth to.
1》 a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid.
    ↘(drops) liquid medication applied in very small amounts.
2》 [usu. with negative] a drink of alcohol: he hadn't touched a drop.
3》 an instance of falling or dropping.
    ↘an abrupt fall or slope.
4》 informal a delivery.
    ↘US a letter box.
5》 a sweet or lozenge: a chocolate drop.
6》 a pendant earring.
7》 a drop cloth.
8》 the trapdoor on a gallows, through which the victim falls.
at the drop of a hat informal without delay or good reason.
drop the ball N. Amer. informal make a mistake.
drop a brick Brit. informal make an indiscreet or embarrassing remark.
drop a clanger Brit. informal make an embarrassing or foolish mistake.
drop a curtsy Brit. make a curtsy.
drop dead die suddenly and unexpectedly.
drop one's guard abandon one's habitual defensive or watchful stance.
drop a hint give a hint, as if casually or unconsciously.
a drop in the ocean (or N. Amer. bucket) a very small amount compared with what is needed or expected.
drop someone a line send someone an informal note or letter.
drop a stitch let a stitch fall off the end of a knitting needle.
have the drop on informal have the advantage over.
Phrasal verbs
drop back/behind fall back or get left behind.
drop by/in visit informally and briefly.
drop off fall asleep, especially without intending to.
drop out
1》 cease to participate.
2》 abandon a course of study.
3》 pursue an alternative lifestyle.
4》 Rugby restart play with a drop kick.
droppable adjective
OE dropa (n.), droppian (v.), of Gmc origin; related to drip and droop.

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